Better Than TV

$ 190.00 $ 250.00

Fine lithographs printed on heavy canvas take you on a journey to some of the most beautiful scenes on earth.  Each painting is protected with an invisible layer of UV inhibitors and water proofing to lock in the brilliant colors.  This art will stand up to the brutal Southern elements while providing windows of peace and whimsy.  Hang these in your patio or outdoor room for a touch of elegance.


Yes, Southern Living Outdoors builds tree houses, outdoor kitchens and living spaces, but we also offer really cool products for those who enjoy living outside the walls from Maine to Arizona and Washington to Florida! 

Stop by everyday and see our one of a kind products not available at a big box store.  All of our products are created by fine craftsmen and, while they are all affordable, many of our products are a unique creation that will never be duplicated exactly a second time.


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